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Now you can test all 32 religious and big-government themed drink recipes included in the Cocktails with God Bar-Room Novel Series—before you even read the books!

They can lead to great conversations and many good laughs with friends while standing around the bar coming up with ways to be more like Jeeesus (good luck with that!) or talking about how Trump should approach “draining the swamp.”

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About the Cocktails with God Bar-Room Novel Series

What would you do if you woke up one day and realized there was something terribly wrong with the world we live in, and perhaps even the God who created it? You might take on the angst of handyman Buddy Wilde, and then go have it out with the Almighty!

But wait! If you go down this path, be prepared to take on mass amounts of enlightenment and torturous truths that can bring you to your knees in the middle of the night, praying to be forgiven. Then consider the possibility of having to consume lots of strong drink along the way, as you might need that to help swallow the bitter red pills of our human reality revealed in these books.

Cocktails with God


Afterlife Book Cover M

The Cocktails with God Bar-Room Novel Series began with my first book, Cocktails with God in the Afterlife. This story was inspired by a near-death experience I had as a teenager following a bad accident. After reading this, you’ll probably have a few stomach pains from laughing out loud, and then no reason to continue fearing death or where you go from here! I’ll tell you right now, it’s all good, having already been there, done that.

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Heart of the Beast

Cocktails with God in the Heart of the Beast came next in the series. It takes place in our nation’s capital, but it has little to do with “politics as usual.” This book takes you on another intoxicating journey where God leads Buddy Wilde crashing through a whole host of big-government lies, dishonesty, trickery, and other corrupt acts designed to keep us down, sick, and poor. Some of the real-life truths exposed in this book could cause a revolution if they became widely known! That’s why the story is peppered with humor—to help soften the seriousness of our current political and legal realities.

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Drink Recipe Book

Drink Recipe Book Cover

With two novels in the series that contained drink recipes, especially made to complement the stories, it only seemed natural to publish a companion drink book and make it free for a limited time to all those who enjoy such things. The Cocktails with God Drink Recipe Book contains 32 drink recipes from the two novels and can lead to many conversations and great laughs.

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Drink Recipe Book

Second Edition

Coming soon book cover

What’s next? Cocktails with God Drink Recipe Book—Second Edition! It will add 16, new, legal-themed drink recipes to the book, such as a “Death Row Pardon,” “Plea Bargain,” and a “Strip Search” (includes Moonshine, Grey Goose, and Pucker), all of which will be introduced in my forthcoming novel, Cocktails with God in the Land of 10,000 Lies, due for release in the summer of 2019.

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Land of 10,000 Lies

This new novel I’m working on now will knock your socks off! Cocktails with God in the Land of 10,000 Lies exposes all of the dishonesty, trickery, and other corrupt acts committed each day by local government officials across the nation—it covers most everything they are getting away with right now in your own city, county, and state. If you’ve ever been pulled over by the police, appeared in court for any reason, or been jerked around by a government agency, you’ll treasure this book. It’s like “legal reality” and “remedy” on steroids! The political winds of change have finally turned in favor of We the People and there’s no better time to throw your hat in the ring and help Make America Great Again (MAGA)!

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To Sum It Up!

The Cocktails with God Bar-Room Novel Series is for anyone who loves God, country, family, honesty, and truth. Forget about what organized religion has taught us, or what government says to control us, or what the legal system does to ensnare us—go directly to the Source! The Cocktails with God Bar-Room Novel Series offers an opening to this divine intelligence. These books are a fun read, especially with God being portrayed in forgiving and refreshing new ways.

David Triemert
About the Author

David Triemert has spent his writing career looking out for others. This became evident when he began learning everything he could about banking and consumer credit reporting systems. In the 1980s, he wrote two nonfiction books on their inner workings, and how to make that knowledge work for the consumer…

Reader Reviews

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“Loved every minute! Very interesting reading and concepts of God, heaven, etc. Strongly recommend it to everyone searching for answers.”

Kathy Stroughton – Woodbury, Minnesota

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