Cocktails with God - Afterlife

Cocktails with God - Afterlife

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If God Invited You Over for Cocktails, But the Only Way to Join Him Was to Die . . . Would You?

Why not, if there is no death but only a change of worlds? Spirit, energy, and consciousness never die! And eternity is not something that begins after we leave here. It’s going on all around us. We are in it now! This is our spiritual reality!

Book Description

In his first bar-room novel, Cocktails with God in the Afterlife, author David Triemert takes you where most writers fear to tread—the other side of the veil! But he doesn’t just take you there figuratively, he’s been there, literally, and he takes you along for the ride of your life!

In this action-packed, spirit-driven page-turner, Triemert peppers with comedy, the seriousness of his real-life, near-death experience following a motorcycle accident when he was a teen. A journey thereafter to the other side is where he first encountered the divine creator. This became the catalyst that led him to a spiritual path that became the foundation for his Cocktails with God bar-room novel series.

When Triemert’s central character, handyman Buddy Wilde, suffers a ruptured brain aneurysm, he exits his lifeless body and wakes up on the other side. There he is met by a geeky spirit guide, who insists that Wilde review his entire life as it was on Earth. Prior to meeting the Almighty, he must first relive all the pain he caused others. This leads to all-out anarchy and a firefight with God, who is quick to forgive Wilde, and then invites him to a large party hosted in his honor. For what seems like days on end of excessive drinking, God takes him on an intoxicating journey that leads to one epiphany after the next and a clear understanding toward the true nature of our creator.

Cocktails with God in the Afterlife offers a wholesome surprise that can change your life. It shows you that no matter what happens in our lives, it’s all in divine order and meant to be, and that “nothing ever goes wrong in the eyes of God.” In addition to the incredible journey, you will also discover twenty-two, religious-themed, alcoholic drink recipes featured in the story. So, mix one up and enjoy the read!


“Loved every minute! Very interesting reading and concepts of God, heaven, etc. Strongly recommend it to everyone searching for answers.” – Kathy Stroughton – Woodbury, Minnesota

“Thoughtful, and unique in its portrayal of a behind-the-scenes afterlife, an intriguing read.” – Midwest Book Review

“Excellent! The tenacious edge David has put forth in this book is genius! I found myself laughing out loud! Cheers!” – Claire Christison

“What starts as a shock to the system becomes a compelling narrative on personal interest and the vulnerability of life. I found this book very entertaining and thought-provoking. Clearly, it will induce outrage in some with its naked prose and in-your-face commentary. From my standpoint, this is exactly what this subject matter needs to invoke a response from the reader. Congrats!!!” – Robert Singer, Neurosurgeon

“A Must Read! This fearless author dares to go where no one else has before.” – Deborah Lynn Murphy, Spiritual Guidance Counselor

“This book was wonderful! You have found a way to entertain us on a subject that is so important – Cheers to you on a job well done!” – Chris, from Enlightenment, Inc.

“This was a highly enjoyable book to read, I really enjoyed it!” – Matthew A. – Saint Paul, Minnesota

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