Cocktails with God - Heart of the Beast

Cocktails with God - Heart of the Beast

Got Time for Another Round?

Cocktails with God in the Heart of the Beast is the second work in a novel series by David Triemert. Detailing a painstaking trip to our nation’s capital and the misfortunes in meeting our crooked politicians this book promises to keep its readers tuned in and waiting for more.

Book Description

When you wake up one day and realize there is something terribly wrong with the world we live in but don’t know quite what it is, much less how to change it, what do you do? You might start with mixing one of your favorite drinks from the recipes found in this novel and then buckle up!

You are about to embark on an intoxicating journey that leads behind the curtain of our puppet, federal government, its corrupt justice system, and steroid-dependent police state. It’s like falling down a rabbit hole that offers no way out!

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In David Triemert’s second bar-room novel, Cocktails with God in the Heart of the Beast, he takes the gloves off again. This time the story takes place in our nation’s capital, where his central character, handyman Buddy Wilde, bumps into the Almighty once more. For nearly a week, God leads Wilde crashing through a whole host of globalist-created deceptions that were especially designed to keep society in the dark. The exposed government lies, dishonesty, trickery, and corruption are so overwhelming that they become a “shock to the conscience.” Literally! They run so deep, in fact, that the Almighty must push a continuous flow of alcohol on Wilde to aid him in swallowing the bitter red pills of our current political and legal realities.

Through one revelation after the next, Triemert gores the sacred cows that will provide readers with the same epiphany Wilde has during his wild ride with the Almighty. You’ll also find God portrayed in a forgiving and refreshing new way, which makes for a fun read. Couple all of that with the ten politically themed alcoholic drink recipes featured in the story, and you are bound to have a great time! Then keep an eye out for Triemert’s next book, Cocktails with God in the Land of 10,000 Lies (summer 2019). Enjoy!


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